Welcome! We’re Maniac Clown Productions. We’re currently working on preparing the tabletop RPG METAL WORLD for a Kickstarter. This page doesn’t look very metal right now, but we’re drinking milk retooling the graphics and CSS*.

In the meantime, imagine a world where axe-wielding barbarians fight radioactive zombies. Wizards drive enchanted tanks. The Fire Marshal rides his rocket-powered robot horse around the Howling Plains, using his 666-shooters to dispense hot justice. The Skeleton Ship— made of the skin, bone, and other parts of dead sailors— sails the seas of METAL WORLD, usually at its own whim. You can go to Hell, which is a physical place just like Glamm, the Silver Mountain, or the Blight. Then there’s the Dracano, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a volcano made of dragons that shoots lava and more dragons when it erupts. Using its own original system— stripped down to focus on the in-game story over rules minutiae as much as possible— METAL WORLD shows that it doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to be awesome.

The METAL WORLD playtest kit (latest version: Take 5) is available now. Head on over to our Facebook Group, our subreddit, our Twitter, or our Discord to discuss it!


*when we have time, which so far hasn’t been much