by Maniac Clown Productions

Do you like tabletop roleplaying games? Do you like heavy metal and its aesthetic? If the answer to both is "yes" then have we got the game for you!

METAL WORLD is the TTRPG featuring a volcano made of dragons, an undead ship that attacks mariners to add them to itself, a demon-possessed lawman who rides a rocket-powered robot horse, and Hell as an afterlife and a continent you can casually visit! Inspired by classic fantasy art like that of Frank Frazetta (and too many more to name) as well as the breadth of heavy metal as both a music genre and an aesthetic, it can most succinctly be described as "D&Dio."

a construct that amounts to a combination centaur/Terminator
Centron concept art by Adrian Day

With a lean, light rules system that's designed to give players conflict resolution mechanics and then get out of their way and let them drive the narrative, METAL WORLD has proven to run just as well for one person as ten. Character creaton is classless, governed instead by the player's concept of what they want their character to be! Want to play a stock fantasy barbarian? Go for it! How about a 'shroom-chomping shaman with an airbrushed van? Of course! A robot wizard? A reptilian martial artist? A dwarf with chainsaws for hands? A burn-scarred, witch-hunting confectioner with candy-themed equipment? HELL YES! All of these and far, far more are possible because in METAL WORLD, it doesn't have to make sense. It just has to be awesome! Just look at the centron here. It's like someone replaced the human part of a centaur with a Terminator. Why would anyone do this? The answer, of course, is: Who cares? Someone did and that's what matters!

METAL WORLD is still in the playtest stages, awaiting artwork to really make it sing. You can currently get METAL WORLD: the Rough Cut on DriveThruRPG as a pay-what-you-want item. Expect an update to the file that's currently there by the end of 2020 with rules revisions that have come from playtest data. Meanwhile, you can get the package of twenty-three(!) sample characters here and the rules cheat sheet here.