METAL WORLD is the RPG that combines fantasy and science fiction adventuring into a bone-shattering blend of intense action! Take the most awesome elements of every fiction setting you’ve ever been exposed to along with things from the real world. Then imagine a world where they can all coexist. That world is METAL WORLD. Volcanoes? Awesome. Dragons? Double awesome. A volcano made of dragons that— when it erupts— shoots lava and more dragons? Yeah, the Dracano is a thing here.

In short, imagine Dungeons & Dragons if Ronnie James Dio had written it and Mister Torgue from Borderlands ran it. That’s METAL WORLD.

METAL WORLD: The Rough Cut is available as a pay-what-you-want download from DriveThruRPG— download it now, play it later and preferably read it somewhere in between! This is the last preview edition that  will be available before the Kickstarter campaign, though there have been some updates since its release as listed below.

  1. First, there’s Lizard Men. I realized that if they only care about gender insofar as practical matters, I shouldn’t use a gendered word in their name. Therefore, I’m instead calling them Reptiloids.
  2. Second: one-hit wonders. The way I was doing them was too clunky. Now, roll 1d12 for every 10 Health they’ve lost. If any die comes up greater than the OHW’s Death stat, it dies.
  3. Third: debilitating poisons. They’ll be listed as “Potency X/[STAT ATTACKED] Y”. It may list multiple stats. To resist, roll Death against its Potency. Failure means the stats are diminished by Y. The effects last for a number of hours equal to 1d12 that can explode.