Strange Murmurings

The cast of the Strange Gods podcast had me on the inaugural episode of their new twice-monthly podcast Strange Murmurings to discuss METAL WORLD and to run them through a small session. It was fittingly insane. Check it out!

Bonus Experience

The fine ladies at the Bonus Experience podcast had me on recently to discuss METAL WORLD. We had a great time and you should give it a listen here!

Games, Brrraaains, & A Head-Banging Life

GBHBL (←Twitter account link) was gracious enough to use me to pilot an interview feature on their site. Check out the interview here!

Havoc Cast

The Lonely Havocs had me on his podcast, where I talked about METAL WORLD and ran him through some of the introductory adventure that comes with The Rough Cut. Give it a listen and subscribe!

Thoughty interview

Brie Beau Sheldon has interviewed me for his blog— check out the interview here!